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While some people know what the term responsive is, there are some that don't. Responsive is easily described as if you are viewing a website from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. The website responds to the resolution you're viewing at and adjusts itself accordingly so that it fits within the screen without having to zoom in or scroll horizontally to view all of the information.

You might be asking yourself: What the difference is between a responsive design and a mobile website? The difference is a mobile website is typically a stand-alone version of your website that has to be modified separately from your main website. With responsive technology built into your website, the information only has to be modified in one place for it to be updated across all viewing platforms.

Google recently released a change in their algorithms that affect mobile searches in favor of sites that have mobile/responsive-friendly websites. Google wants to bring a better web surfing experience to their users so you'll notice that if a site is deemed mobile/responsive-friendly the results with have a tag marked underneath the website listing. A responsive or mobile site will meet Google's requirements for being mobile/responsive-friendly.

With our responsive coding techniques your website doesn't have to be in a canned solution or be confined to the restrictions of a Wordpress template. Our sites are custom designed to fit our clients' needs and our coding reflects the same ideals.

Are you interested in getting it to be mobile/responsive-friendly website? Give us a call at 806.322.0887 to find out what we can do for your website to bring it into the mobile age.

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